Exhibitions and Installations

I create works for both commission and exhibition. The gallery and installation works explore concepts of a visual journey in different mediums and on different scales. My earlier work show simplified forms of doorways, windows and opes in architecture where a slice of light is revealed.

The desire to invite an interaction with the installation or gallery work is evident in that you can look up, through or into some of the works.

Opes and Echoes of Form

Cavan Town Centre

This sculpture that was commissioned by Cavan County Council is a continuation of works that are based upon pure forms, architectural references and light. The forms in this work echo the steps, doorways, chimney tops and openings in the architectural heritage of Cavan town. The window like forms are in mirrored stainless which capture light in the upper parts of the work. Details and text are wrapped around these uprights which were collated through collaborative workshops.

Aperture to Light

Site specific work for Enniscorthy Vocational College.

This piece is based upon light through an Aperture or window. Through collaborative work with the Commissioning panel and students “the phenomenon of light “ became the central theme. Students took part in workshops where aspects of light were explored through the diverse subjects taught in the College from science and music to poetry and physics. Their studies were refined and translated into the final large scale Installation.

Commissioner Department of Education
Area : 6 metres x 4 metres glass installation.
Materials: Spectrum 96 glass, laminated glass panels, light prism.

The Space Between

This exhibition piece for the “Sculpture in Context”, Botanic Gardens Dublin, entitled “A Space Between” has visual involvement in that you look through opes and slices in the work. The piece plays upon reflection and distortion of light. Children were naturally drawn to this piece where they observed inverted views through the lenses and openings. This was awarded a “Mill Cove Gallery Award” for most innovative works.

Into Night

Exhibition Celebrating 250 Years of NCAD.

I was invited to exhibit work as part of an exhibition to mark the 250 years Celebration of The National College of Art and Design.
The works involved a series of wall panels that were a reflection on the simple geometry of light through window spaces at different times of the day and night.
These works used photoetched glass and light boxes.


The Solomon Gallery, Dublin. “From Pupil to Master”.

This was a series of work created as part of an exhibition made up of selected artists who were past student of the National College of Art and Design by curator and Artist Roisin De Builtlear. The Exhibition was titled “From Pupil to Master” and reflected the contemporary directions that artists working in glass, are making in Ireland. The use of glass and mixed media as a sculptural fine art medium was evident in the works. The series of work entitled “wrapped” were based upon the wrapping and revealing of forms. I use a combination of photo-etching on glass and photographic collage in this work.

Degree Exhibition National College of Art and Design. BDes 1st Class Honours.

My degree exhibition was made up mixed media sculptural forms in glass, wood, steel and cast concrete. It included seating works and glass floor panels and was based upon taking the viewer on a visual journey. Other works in the show that were part of the series involved architectural illustrations in cast glass.
The use of architectural materials and the concepts behind these earlier works continue to be central to my ongoing work.


This work was purchased from my degree exhibition and installed in D.C.U in the Distance Education Centre. This work makes observations on the movement of light on stacked glass forms and reflects upon Architectural features and staircases.

Size: 3 metres x 800mm.
Materials: Glass and mixed media. Cast polished concrete.

Castings – Site Specific Work

The Civic Theatre, Tallaght.

This work invites the viewer to look at glass in a sculptural way. The viewer can see light reflections, shadows and refraction of glass.

There is a viewing lens provided through which a millennium tree planted in the exterior Courtyard can be seen. The Magnifying qualities of glass invite children to look through the lenses which invert images/people.

Commissioner: South Dublin County Council, Dublin.
Scale Balustrade: 20 metre by 1.2 metre
Materials: Laminated safety glass, camera lenses, steel fittings.