Interactive Sculptural Works

I create sculptural works and built environments that create sensory experiences for the interaction of adults, children and young adults.

The works are intended to engage in a tactile, vibrant and practical way. My outdoor interactive works are site specific A combination of elements can inform the work including concepts generated by the site location, future uses of the spaces, the clients brief and also a desire to create works that are interactive and engage and connect with the public. I work with a professional and skilled team to create these durable and vibrant environments.

Origin of Light

St. Mary’s Secondary School Dundalk.
These Sculptural works have been designed to encourage people to experience the work both at a human scale as seating and as architecturally scaled forms that the viewer can move around in a hard and soft landscaped space. I designed the sculptural space based upon a visual journey. A line of contrasting light mosaic representing light originates from a brightly coloured seating form near the school entrance, this line continues along linear seating and passes along the ground to wrap around forms along the way, the line as if in motion culminates wrapped around an large spherical form. There is a dialogue between the scale of this series of works and the Architecture of the building. The geographical context of the site is illustrated a subtle silhouette that is diagonal along the circumference of the large form. This view of the mountains that can be viewed from the upper floors of the College. This large scale series of sculptural forms has provided an engaging recreational space for staff, visitors and students.

Commissioner: Dept of Education.
Total Area: 70 metres x 30 metres.
Materials: Cast concrete forms and structural steel. Murrini outdoor mosaic.

Wicklow Educate Together

The plan for this Outdoor Sculptural space is based upon the motion of the sea. This vibrant space has an undulating form that appears to wrap around an internal circular area. The design lends itself to the creation of a social and recreational space and allows the children to interact and learn with each other and the teacher. The overall form has curved sculptural details with vibrant mosaic on its internal walls and on chamfered wall tops. The spherical seating forms are reflective of buoys in the local harbour, they greet the children at the entrance of the space.

Meath County Council Offices

This glass mosaic seating space reflects upon remembering past staff and the continuance and perseverance of light. Light is represented by vibrant colours, these colours originate in a spiral motif on the ovoid pebble-like seating form and continue as a line on the seating to merge into pure oranges and reds. These vibrant murrini glass mosaic in shades of ambers, reds and oranges emerge from dark purples and blue glass.. It is a reflective and relaxing seating space for staff. The plan includes a detailed planting scheme which I worked on with a landscaping team, the scheme compliments the work with blue ‘Forget-me-nots” at the Space entrance. The lines, colours and motifs also reflect features in local heritage sites.


Resonances is an outdoor learning and recreation space in Coláiste Ghlor na Mara, Balbriggin.. This project opens up opportunities for a sculptural space to be used in a variety of ways. It is a sculptural Space that makes reference to the adjacent seascape. The space is a meditative and relaxing space for students that has been used for performance and recitals. The schools name “ Sound of the Sea” is also reflected in the main purpose of the space, as a place for music and song. The steel form encapsulates sounds and creates a natural outdoor sound studio.

The external seating within sculptural works is based upon forms associated with the sea and reflects upon an unfolding shell like form. The gentle undulation in the form and subtle gradated colours of the seating makes reference to forms and colours in the adjacent Seascape.

Courtyard of CBS Secondary School, and the playground area of CBS Primary school, Wexford.

These curved seating spaces provide an ergonomic space for youth groups and staff engagement. The works are based upon boat-like forms, reflecting upon the tradition of boat building that is linked to the historical heritage of the area, close to Wexford harbour. This oval format opens up possibilities of engagement and social interaction within the space. I worked with the site architect on the integration of these works within the hard and soft landscaped areas of the site.

Commissioner: Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board.
Total Area : 60 metres x 20 metres.
Materials: Cast Concrete, Murrini mosaic, Stainless Steel demarcation studs powder coated in bespoke colours

St. Finian’s Educate Together.

These large scale work creates a recreational space for children and their parents. Its sinuous design was sparked by the idea of children interacting within a colourful and vibrant space, stemming from the form of peas in a pod. The playful forms and vibrant colours echo the contemporary architecture of the building and reflect the vibrant green and turquoise slices of form on both the exterior and interior of the building.

Commissioner: Department of Education.
Total Area : 60 metres x 20 metres.
Materials: Cast Concrete, Murrini mosaic on forms.

Exploration of Light and Form

Coláiste Abbain, Wexford.
Commissioned by Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board this project involved working from early stages with Coady Architects to develop an outdoor Sculptural seating and recreation space. The area was planned from the start to integrate within the Architectural site plan of the College. This vibrant project involved workshops with students that were based upon the theme of “Catching Light”. They created their own glassworks based upon the theme and my work was developed as a progression of these.